And so we reach the end of the 14th chapter, and very likely to the question to why Mari suddenly needed an alibi… but why was Mari involved at all? Perhaps only time shall tell (…or, you know, commenters).

Given that the last time we saw a prototype, it had black hair but no blue scarf, this would tend indicate that either both of them currently have black hair, or they pass around the scarf, which make it truly impossible to tell which is which. The real question becomes do they both call themselves Mium Efiate? If Ila is posing as Mium’s brother, does she call herself Ila Efiate? …somehow I don’t think she’d take fondly to that name, even if she seems to have gotten somewhat used to the idea of being Mium’s sibling (as long as she isn’t actively thinking about it enough to deny being related to an outdated firmware virus, or whatever she’d be taken to calling him that day).

Hope everyone that had a long holiday weekend is having a good long holiday weekend!