The Far Side of Utopia is a sprawling story of characters trying to savethe world – with each of them having their own view of saving the world.

Featuring a highly detailed magic theory and it’s intricate relationship with technology, it’s a comic that aims to entertain people all across the spectrum of investment into the story – some will relate to the characters and their interactions and goals, and some people will dig into the nuance of the magic or politics that make up the broad spectrum backdrop.

In short, this comic contains: Magical battles, killer robots, political intrigue, eugenics, interdeminsional wars, demons, intricate complicated magical theories, relationships old and new, non-killer robots, magical engineers, evil corporations, not-evil corporations, ancient cults, a girl that just wants to save the world, a man that wants to rule the world, a boy that just wants to see it burn, and so much more. If none those sound interesting, you’ve come to the wrong place.



I do many things professionally, unfortunately neither drawing and writing are among them. I originally started The Far Side of Utopia as an effort to motivate learning to draw by tying it to a story I wanted to tell; while the results of that goal are debatable I found that I quite enjoyed working on it. The story itself has existed for quite some time, but continues to undergo refinement as it’s developed.

Since I’ve been lucky enough to have a handful of people who’ve taken to following along my little story here (to whom I’m deeply grateful to), I’m committed to seeing the story to it’s completion with regular updates (this may involve hiring an artist in the future if need be).

I’m a software engineer by trade (previously in the video game industry, currently in enterprise software) and a philosophy major by training.



While the comic is just a hobby I enjoy, I’m always committed to making incremental progress in writing and art; I welcome any comments or feedback (though I will not post negative reviews/comments to the site, I will read them with an open mind). Please don’t be offended if your comment isn’t approved, and I will reply to it via the email address provided on the comment (if the address is valid) – in my experience having negative comments on the site doesn’t make anyone happy.