Short blah blah. Life’s a little hectic right now. If you will excuse a moment of #lifeblogranting… Being switched projects at work, not because my project had any problems or finished, mind you, but because someone fucked the farm animal so badly the client went crying all the way up the chain to executive staff and somehow this is now my problem to go fix it because for some reason the client had my name in hand specifically as the person they wanted to go fix shit. Never mind that is completely non-standard, as named resources are basically not a thing on SOWs, but who cares about all logic if it will get a problem off some C level plate? If history shows anything, it’s that sending a developer to go deal with irate customers who’s project you’ve gone and cocked up good is… not the best idea anyone ever had. It’s quite a bit more fucked up than all that, but I’ve already allowed myself a lot more ranting than I should have, so… I’ll end it there.

think Tyler’s story will still get up this Month, but it might be early next month at this point… sorry. Buffer is still… mostly intact. Page will up tomorrow on Patreon.

Lots of drawings and doodles coming… just got a little blind sided by above stuff, still a little sick, and always terrible at scheduling my life in a way that accounts for occasionally doing nothing productive, yet occasionally doing nothing productive.