Sorry if I’ve been a tad behind on some stuff… everyone I know is sick, and while I don’t think I’m sick per se, I’m barely above that threshold… just really tired this last week in a way that no amount of caffeine has been able to fix (trust me, I’ve been trying…!).

Buffer is still intact, fortunately.

I think it is a grand question of well the Consul understands what she is doing some of the time, but I think it’s worth keeping in mind that she views the IDS as a definite a threat, which makes anything else seem like “maybe a good idea?” While it may seem like she is being reckless – and, to an extent, she definitely has made a few reckless decisions – when one is fairly convinced that space-people might annihilate you with a death-beam from the sky, it changes your risk-reward analysis a tad. It’s a bit ironic cycle that while would likely be lost on Biana, is certainly not being lost on everyone involved……………..

I don’t think it is fair to say the Consul trusts MYM. I think it is fair to say that Consul is prepared to use anything that looks like a port in a storm, particularly when that port seems vaguely on the omniscient side.

That said, the Consul would probably be familiar with the clause MYM is proposing invoking, the question would more be if she has any clue how he would intend to carry that out, given that Malsa very definitely lacks the ability to carry it out in the current situation.