This is the first time we’ve seen Peter thought bubbles 😉 Don’t worry, reading all of that is not necessary 😛


I’m fairly certain if we’d seen Naomi’s thought bubbles through this page instead it would be something like…

There are robots. Falling from the sky. I get to punch those, right?

Come on… there is no way I don’t get punch the robots falling out of the sky.

I really want to punch robots.

I’m going to be pretty annoyed if I don’t get to punch robots. 🙁

Yay punch robots!

I’m fairly confident that we are in Chapter 5 by now. I really need to sort that chapter thing out.

And to head off confusion, when he refers to ‘witches’ and ‘superheroes’, those are sort of colloquial terms in this setting, based on how natural mages use their power, but are not really definitions.