Sorry it’s pretty late… as they say though, better late then never 😉

As for the comic… well… I’d say the plot thickens, but pretty sure hit concrete a few chapters back already… 😐 The only promises I make is I don’t just forget plotpoints; everything will make sense in time 😀 (yes… this includes that plotpoint that you’re sure I’ve long since forgotten about too 😉 … )

It’d be a better Friday comic if we (the readers) didn’t totally know that already. Oh well. Also… if it was actually on a Friday… 😐

The cast sheet is getting pretty far behind though… ugh. Need to try to do something about that. For this page though, Min we’ve never met before, and Kel is the lady that was yelling at Arron all the way back here. Though I’m fairly certain her name wasn’t mentioned previously.

This should probably be a new chapter. Imagine it says Chapter 6 now (until I set up a new chapter). And yes. I think this is the first time we’ve seen the IDS’s Homeworld. I do hope we get to see [spoilers] or [spoilers] and [spoilers]… 😐

Anyway… off to go make monday’s comic and do the numerous things I was supposed to do this weekend. We’ll see. Friday’s comic next week might slip; I’ll keep ya posted.

Ah, and I’m looking to hire an artist for a little comic-related side project if you know a comic artist looking for (fully paid) work that can draw better then me, feel free to have them shoot me a message.