Sorry, that was a bit later than expected. Lots of bits of this page that took a little longer than expected. idk why the fuck I was like “yeah, let’s put a mirror there so you have to draw her twice, that’s a good idea!!”. Sometimes I’m a moron. I’m also fairly certain there will be mirror related mistakes, because mirrors are hard. I tried.

This guy ended up looking more like Rovak than I intended. He’s taller and broader shouldered, and his hair and eyes are darker, his eyes are narrower and his jaw is more squared, but somehow that all adds up to “still a blond dude with red eyes”. I think the problem is red eyes stand out more, even in this comic, so two people with red eyes are going to look more similar than different unless they are radically different looking.

So, that’s the end of Chapter 8! Might be the shortest chapter yet. What comes next is something a bit different, but hopefully ya’ll find it interesting. Don’t worry, we haven’t seen the last of Peter’s schemes, it’ll just be maybe a short interlude…?

Hopefully we’ll keep updating on schedule, sorry it’s been a little hit or miss. Just been busy with a lot of stuff (even if a fair chunk of that stuff is pointless procrastinating other stuff, you know how it goes), and finding the time chunks to scratch these out has been a little harder. Want to find a good way to pull in more comic drawing time, but it’s still a work in progress to sort out a good approach there.