Bet you thought you’d load the page to find another excuse of why there was no page… 😉

It was a bit of a stretch, but I did want to get this page up. I ultimately did condense it to half a page, and even then it ended up being a bit of a challenge as it was a bit of a technically challenging page – in the end, things that sometimes take a long time to draw don’t matter that much, but there’s reasons!

Anyway, speaking of drawing magic effects – I should note because I have historically been a little inconsistent with it that canonically, we have seen at least one other person casting magic that had a golden/yellow calculation ring, and that was something Nathan did to disassemble Atter’s red construct. I will also note that Psonic particles is something the IDS and apparently Kor’s World seem to call Mana – likely where the IDS got the term, but they are fundamentally the same thing; the same basic mechanics have… hmm, I guess you could say that based on how different cultures discover and use it, they think of it having a different user interface, even if it’s the same underlying mechanics.

How exactly that magic was able to effect Naomi – who is notoriously immutably to external magic – is something that will almost certainly come up later.

The other thing I will mention as it sort of came up in the comments is that the way the KWS (Kor’s World Soldier) is communicating has changed – he was previously speaking out load to control, but after activating the combat interface, he does not seem to be speaking outload anymore – and is communicating much faster. Peter has noted before that KWS talking is actually pretty rare, and they are notoriously not very chatty when encountered in most circumstances…

I decided to focus on this comic instead of Tyler’s Story Part II, so that’s still coming, probably later this week on Patreon, but I figured between the comic and that, I should get the comic done first. It is mostly written though, so pretty sure it won’t be too long before it goes up.

We have 2 new patrons! Thank you so much! As the travel schedule looks fairly clear in the near future, hopefully we will have lots of content in the coming months. We are at our highest ever patron count for the comic! 🙂