Okay… this page is a little rough. I may redraw it when I get home, but decided to put it up anyway. I maybe forgot to install photoshop on my tablet. Anyway… I said I’d try to put something up, so I decided to go for it. Monday’s page will definitely be delayed till Wednesday or Thursday, but there will still be two comics next week.

Spelling might be a nightmare as well, but I’ve given it my best shot (which, let’s be honest, has been established to be subpar… 😛 )

Anyway… Assume the magic circle on the ground is similar to the ones we’ve seen before, but new… 😛

Spacial Coordinate Manipulation is what most people would call “teleporting”. It’s one of those things that most mages would say is “theoretically possible” but practically not possible. It’s mechanically speaking fairly simple for magic; it is not about moving in a traditional sense or deconstructing the body and reconstructing it somewhere else, but simply changing the spacial coordinate of the Eidos object. Since reality will reflect Eidos, the object will simply be moved to the new spot. Unfortunately the more basic a principle of the Form is in physics, the harder it is to directly manipulate (or at least the more complicated the equation to change it in a stable manner is), and “Spacial Location” is one of the most basic pieces of an Eidos object.

It’s easier to manipulate things that in turn manipulate the spacial location – like acceleration or something. Directly modifying the location without using something else isn’t something that most mages know how to do (and by most I mean… none that we’ve seen besides maybe this one, assuming she isn’t using some sort of trick like having been standing there invisible…).

It’s something hopefully I will get to expound upon more some way or another, but for now I should leave it at that…

It is worth noting that she used such magic appears to be Miko’s assumption.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in Thanksgiving relevant areas! Happy Thursday to the rest of you! 😉