…yeah this page took longer than I planned.  I hadn’t planned on drawing the wide shot of the lab, and even if it’s… well, what it is, that sort of thing takes me a long time as I’m terrible at background art. While one would think that I’d make some progress in the… what, 5 years…?… I’ve been drawing this comic, it turns out when you avoid something like the plague you don’t magically get that much better at it. I wouldn’t think too much about what’s there for the most part, I hadn’t planned on doing a wide shot of it, but decided I sort of needed to here.

I had also intended to leave the last 4 panels completely black besides Miko’s eyes in the last two and the magic sparkles, but it just looked cheap and lazy, so I decided to draw the characters, but that means that this ended up being like… .75 pages instead of half a page.

Should have an update on future stuff next week. If I end up staying at my job, I’m going to be going to a Monday/Friday update schedule I think. The reality of it is most of my comic drawing time is on Sunday, so while Monday/Thursday works as a release schedule, Monday/Friday gives me more time to complete the second comic assuming I finish the first one Sunday and at least sketch the second one. It won’t matter if I find time to get a buffer again, but running without a buffer that might be more stable.