I think I’ve earned an achievement – I’ve now displayed different languages being spoke differently every single time I’ve shown them. Now that’s consistency.

I tried a lot of different formats of this page. Originally I had the other language text with translations “shadows” next to the bubbles, unfortunately with this much text it was just way too cluttered. I even tried a high tech solution where you could mouse over the text bubbles for the translation, but I realized that mobile readers wouldn’t be able to read that, and that it was probably just a ridiculous solution (if a little nifty from a webdev point of view).

For a long time I actually was thinking I would just leave the text untranslated. The reason I care about rendering Kor World people in a different language is I wanted to make them seem more distant, more foreign, more “other” – since that’s the perspective they are viewed in comic, and realisitcally we don’t need to know anything he’s saying there, but I had literally just say that I didn’t want to have pages full of random gibberish. Since I’d already made a python script to translate text over it’s a shame not to use it, but I think for now I’ll just go with this. I’ll make up my mind someday, maybe.


I feel that Peter action scenes are just not impressive after his cohorts… still, guess he gets his exercise. Peter probably prefers being on the other side of the phone (err… communication device).