This page would have actually been on time, but as you can probably guess by the time you’ve gotten to this comment box, it’s sort of a page and half… or I guess more like a full page comic instead of a half page. Originally it was going to continue a little past the end of the ‘normal’ page with the first Peter image, but I felt like that was sort of ending on a ‘cliff hanger’ twice in a row, which didn’t feel great on the every-other-week schedule. Not that the end of this page resolves everything, but it’s a little different than ending on the first Peter image would have been.

I wouldn’t think too deeply about the exact effects of the end of the page; I debated for a bit how to represent Peter being outside of a normal dimension, and having him ‘outside of the comic boxes’ was the effect I settled on being something that both worked and I could artistically do.

This image is actually so big it sort of broke my image editor, so I had to do some odd steps to make a comic out of it. Hopefully that works because my comic page software doesn’t really support multi-image pages.

Next page should be May 13th.