Even if the headline says November, I guess this counts as the Halloween update, so I’ll link to the Halloween doodle. If I didn’t draw your idea – sorry; I just sort of picked some that I figured would be easily recognizable (or funny). As per that Patreon comment, I wouldn’t think too much about Kally’s dragon dressing up as Kally in particular… I just thought it would be funnier. It’s a little light compared to previous October updates – still mostly focusing on rebuilding the buffer. The buffer is back up to 3 comics, but I’ll be traveling for work next week so we’ll eat most of that, but at least we are still keeping ahead.

Last full page for a bit, as we go back to half pages for the next few updates. I’ll still be online somewhat next week, so updates should be normal, but I won’t be able to correct mistakes till I get back, so… well, maybe there will be no errors… always a chance… 😉