…Does Vium actually have a nuke? Who knows. After all, he’s speaking… hypothetically. In what he said, the part that Tom probably took as the most significant part is what he revealed he knows, rather than any implied threat (how capable Vium is of any of that should not necessarily be taken for granted… after all, it’s not like he’s threatening anyone… he’s purely speaking in… hypotheticals), but that he even knows what a nuclear bomb is would recategorize who he could be.

Something both Tom and Vium would know is that the Central gates were originally much more isolated from the Central seats of power, but increasingly Central has put more important things closer to their gates, because it’s convenient for them (for several reasons), and they didn’t necessarily expect anyone to have access to their gates. This is another thing that is less the direct threat, and more the implication that he seems to know an awful lot about Central that a very short list of people would know.

Of course, I think we’ve seen before that while Mium tends to avoid violence, he is not entirely unfamiliar with idea of risk reduction plans. He is just prevented from implementing them. If he actually would if he was able to is something that I think everyone is just as happy not figuring out. Mium is capable of realizing that would be how to reduce risk (annihilating the element of risk completely) but Mium is capable of nuanced understanding. I say Mium because we know more about Mium then Vium more than that because they are entirely interchangeable, but I will say that we should have a pretty good grasp of Vium’s personality based on what he is.

As folks were discussing the difference between Bridgepoints and Gates in the comments yesterday, I figure I can answer that here where more folks will see it than if I replied to the comment, though folks mostly had the difference correct. A gate is basically a “transfer”. All the contents of a designated area are transferred from one world to another another. A Bridgepoint is more like a “tunnel”. You go in one side in one world and come out the other side in the other world. Westley Roberts and Tgape had it pretty much correct the difference.

One additional wrinkle for those that pay attention to the magic system, there’s a flaw with a Bridgepoint that should make them essentially impossible; but that’s not a plot hole… that’s the reason the are difficult to make. If they seemed possible, Central would just be able to make one, as they have figured out how to make gates, and how to travel between worlds.