If we are being honest, the second half of the “page” could have had graphics, but I felt this worked well enough, and honestly it would have taken another day to do what I had sort of planned, and the digital world graphics… I dunno, I wasn’t really feeling them this time around. Couldn’t quite nail the aesthetic I wanted and didn’t have time to really dig and figure out why (probably the lack of time to make weird planar surfaces with blocks of 01001’s in the background).

I also acknowledge that this page is weird and somewhat confusing, but let’s face it, that’s not on the graphics department.

I’m going to put Thursday/Friday down as a maybe at this point. I will try, but I’ve got a pots boiling over everywhere at the moment and only one hammer to smash them with. Wait… that’s not what you do with boiling pots? Oh…… that explains… some things….