Technically, this is the first time we’ve seen two characters, though one of them we’ve… sort of seen before… in a manner of speaking.

I’m aware there is issues with the wiki. Haven’t had time to tackle that problem yet. There were various issues, and consequently I need to update the install of mediawiki, which is something I was once capable of doing, but have long sense condemned whatever knowledge required from brain and haven’t had the time or energy to try to figure it out again. I’m pretty busy with the D&D book thing at the moment, so the while I’m trying to keep the comic updates marching along as I feel half a page once a week is already pretty slow, whatever extra time I might allocate into fixing the wiki got eaten having to try to tackle the redirect problem cropping up again (which should be fixed again, if you see a redirect, let me know). Life would be easier if folks would just live and let live and decide this little piece of the internet could just exist free of malware and spam. I cannot imagine my little corner of the internet with its 2-5k readers holds all that much value to them, but here we are.