Well, we have good news and bad news – the good news is that we have a comic, and for once its a full length one, as this was drawn when I had a nice 4 comic buffer and was thinking the world was smooth sailing. The less good news is that it looks like I will be traveling a lot this month, and travelling is the arch enemy of comic updates, as I can’t bring my actual drawing tablet with me.

We currently have a 2 comic buffer, so there’s no immediate danger of missed comics – that’ll cover my work travel next week as long as I stay on schedule, but unless I get a head again we might miss something near the end of the month, and we are woefully behind on Halloween stuff (after I asked you wonderful people for ideas). Will probably still have some sort of Halloween doodle for the actual day, but I’m aware that we could be doing better in the department 😉

This comic and the next comic will be full comics, but than it’ll be back to half comics while we try to get the buffer beefed up for the coming travels.

Like we saw with Ila, this isn’t really an artificial world, but more what Mium’s server makes for beings that expect to see and hear and things to prevent insanity and the dissolution of consciousness and what not that stems from breaking things down in what Mium would view a more logical thinking structure. How much that applies to the version of virtual interface, well, that’s something we’ll leave for another day, though I will say it is not the sensory rendering that requires the use of the A.A. System.

We’ve seen Miko’s avatar a few times, in a few different forms – usually we see the more chibified version, but that wouldn’t really help the current situation, it’s not really necessary to use an avatar, but there’s a reason that it’s being used here, and it has to do with Miko more than Mium.

I think we may have reached peak 1st Person/3rd Person confusion on Mium, but he’s a little complicated right now.