If it’s not clear what they are talking about in panel one, certain units of Mium are capable communicated with other parts of his system extremely fast. If, for example, the new prototype had an Eidos card installed, it would be able to transmit data extremely quickly back to the lab in large quantities such that it would be difficult to distingusis from it being physical connected to the system in close proximity. Miko is realizing that if the prototype had this extremely fast connection, it would’ve been possible for them to not realize it wasn’t physically connected to the lab system.

David, for those that may not remember the name, is the person that was leading the group that attempted to assassinate the Consul. Peter seems to be plotting to use them as barginnig chips with the IDS, though how is, as of yet, unclear.

There is a reason that Mium is appearing with the Orange/Blue version of the symbol here, despite this being the Avon Lab (where Mium frequently appeared as the grey version of the symbol), and that’s because this is not quite the same Mium, given the Miko terminated that version, this version has been recopied back to the system from Peter’s version, which has the more up-to-date colorful logo.