Sorry this is a little late, especially sorry for those on Early Access, as I wasn’t able to get it up on Patreon in time there. I’ll also sweep through and make the fixes a few of you so patiently pointed for my grammar on the last page in a bit.

Got a little behind on stuff, and distracted by something else I was working on. Not quite ready to say too much about that, as I doubt it’ll make it past the rough idea stages… 😉

Fell a little behind due to shuffling some stuff around in the ordering. Ultimately decided to cut a few scenes here and there, unfortunately a few of those I’d already started on the sketching, so we lost a little time, but, eh, sometimes I get a little carried away on the minutiae. In story telling in general, I have a real tendency to get lost in the weeds. It frustrates my D&D groups to no end because they always I assume that if I bothered to make people and plots, those people and plots are important. Nah… but I’ll let them meander through local medieval city politics for a few sessions till they get fed up and head back out for more monster hunting. Unfortunately, I can’t just get away with calling a comic “a sandbox, you figure out the plot, idc”, so sometimes I have to act against my nature.

Fortunately, I have tomorrow off and have not yet schedule it too full of crap to do, so I should get caught up for Thursdays comic. If I don’t get done tomorrow I think I’ll have time Wednesday, so at least it will be time for the site. I really need to post more Patreon stuff, but I’ve been really failing at ideas for random sketches. I know that I’m overthinking it, most people prefer I just doodle random crap and post it over nothing at all. Ah well, I’ll see what I can do.

Will swing by later tonight or tomorrow morning to fix this page and last page for whatever grammar butchering I’ve inflicted upon this world.