Still sort of running on dregs here to keep things going. Work is being a pain in the arse, the problem is that I hadn’t really planned on it being a pain in the arse as we passed our major deadline, but it seems like offshore is not going to hit their targets, so now I’m doing their work too. I mean, I sort of saw that part coming (given that’s how offshoring work usually works) but I dunno. Didn’t plan around it well I guess. Working a few India timezone shifts to ‘manage’ offshore resources sort of wrecks havoc on my schedule (I’ve never been good at sleeping off schedule). Its always a fine line between trying to actually get them to what they need to do and just doing it myself. Plus, my work has really upped the amount of tedious company meetings about how we are going to optimize my time, somehow by spending more of it pointless meetings.

…sorry, the ranting got out into the rambling box. Back to rambling, PastUtopia! Rambling! Not ranting!

I am starting to wander what inadvertent rule is causing Mium to weight buying new suits so negatively. You never can tell with him sometimes. A few glimmers into Naomi’s past. I guess we have seen very little of that so far. Well, we’ll probably see a little more in time. Maybe not as important to the story as someone other people’s past, but I’m sure some people would want to know more about it.

Also, I feel I should call out we hit a major milestone on Patreon at 30! That’s incredible, and you are all amazing, and thanks so much. Makes me feel a little worse about how little content there’s been there in the couple weeks, but hopefully that’ll get me to work on it harder.