Now that’s one more-or-less on time comic, folks! πŸ˜‰

Before I get too proud of that I was supposed to do a new vote incentive to start off the month there as well, and didn’t get that done (or, should I say, thought up). Will try to do that sometime this week, but we’ll see. Updates come first, of course.

So far it looks like Peter’s speculation had some basis. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Don up and conscious. It’s a big move for him, getting a real speaking role. Like with Mika, Don is Rovak-ization of his real name. He saves pronouncing full names for his own apparently.

So; some of you may have noted that previously the ‘related comics’ were purely random (best I can tell). So I’ve disabled the automated list and will provide a small selection of actually related comics. The goal here is to make the reading experience slightly more coherent and turn a useless feature into something that may actually be helpful. Feel free to provide feedback of the sort of the things that should be in related comics, or to continue ignoring that section entirely as you hopefully have been doing πŸ˜‰


Related Comics.