Comic! Just when you thought I’d forgotten y’all entirely.

In my defense, I have a lot of excuses this week. Good, fine, excuses! I was sick (cold, nothing too serious, mostly better now). Work! I had to manually edit a bunch of stuff and my wrist was bothering acting up again. I wasn’t happy with the page, so I kept redoing parts of it (… okay, that’s not really an excuse, is it?). And many more! Anyway… sorry ’bout the page being late.

Monday’s may be late as well if we are being honest here. I have to do stuff over the weekend, and haven’t started it yet. We’ll get the pages out eventually though, don’t really want to drop more pages then we already are at 2 pages a week.

Anyway… the page. Part of what bothered me is that Don is pretty chatty for a fellow in his condition. I would have liked more of his dialogue to be panic’d yelping. And maybe speculation of what happens if you wet yourself while half buried in the floor. Unfortunately I felt there should be some more plotting text and had to work vaguely rational notions into his dialogue; since he has a history with Jayce (see related comics…) it does fit at least.

Mechanically his fairly spot on about what happened. Someone maintained low energy spell keeping the floor in non-natural state of low density; without a lot of effort a spell like that will collapse as soon as soon as another persons interference field screws it up on it’s own even their interference is minimal (just an average person). It’s a tricky bit of interplay between mechanics of a fairly experienced mage.

It works because once the magic collapses, it’s at it’s natural state and thus seriously not inclined to changed without further magic. While a mage of equal caliber with the same calculation could redo the spell assuming their the one in it (and thus not having to worry about interference) that would assume they are capable of a density shifting a large block of hardstuff with enough control to start directly at, say, where their feet are. Too low, you sink, too high, you’re still rooted.

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