No, Chief Cao, there is pretty much no chance it is not more bad news.

Tyler seems to assume Peter’s comment on the Terms of Service is being flippant, but from what we know… well, you sort of have to wonder… 😉

Sorry about page being so late. It’s been an interesting week. It’s been a bit of a storm of juggling projects at work and have had a few persistent tasks that have taken more their fair share of wrangling both for work and outside of work. And that’s glossing over the part where my job considered relocating me to India (I declined; fortunately it was an optional opportunity. That would really mess with my update schedule…)

That said, I should mention that in our current bufferless world we are pretty close to missed updates if I do end up having to travel for work; while it would only likely be a week or two, it’s a looming possibility. Need to get buffer comics!

With this many words and the fact that I’m pretty tired, I’m sure there are some typos in there. Please let me know if you see any. The cast page is also picture-complete (I think? Let me know if I missed anyone with a name or multiple appearances). Still have some bios to fill out.