Something tells me she probably doesn’t like that. I dunno. Just a hunch.

As for “still shackled” I’ll bring up what Mium said a few pages about why he didn’t just take over F-10 previously… that he apparently has rules against running a bunch of copies of himself (his “fourth principle”).

It seems increasingly clear that is not the first time Mir and her minions have had to deal with him. I wonder if disinfecting your computer of an AI is challenging? I wonder if that’s going to be the subject matter of a coming story arc? … I wonder if there are spoilers in these comments?!

I definitely regret making Mir primarily grey in a primarily grey lab. Least her hair is a nice shiny pink, so that helps. I will try to invest more drawing skillpoints in backgrounds someday to suck less at them, but I need to grind a lot more drawing skillpoints first 🙁

Oops, just realized I changed how I did the speech bubbles for the computer :/ I’m a moron.