If you are suspicious that we’veΒ seen that logo before, it certainly look similar to the one that was on Peter’s computer here, though it’s in color this time.

Sometimes success is the most dangerous outcome.

For those confused about the second to last line, my writing convention has been that, for example “ids” would be like the pural form of “id”, but “I.D.S” would be “eye dee ess”, ie, the letters. Why the computer would call her M.I.R. instead Mir… well, it probably has a strange sense of humor.

Lot of things I didn’t know how to draw well in this page, not happy with how most of they came out and the end result was a lot less polished than I’d like as a result, but I suppose I’ve learned some things from it. Β This is the now the second time characters have had real shadows… Still, hopefully we can expect better stuff soon (I always say this, don’t I? :D)