I suspect this will be a polarizing one in that some people will complain about it and some people will like it. I went through a lot of interations of this sequence, tbh, and I’m not sure this is the best version, but I can confirm it is better than some of the other ones.

The format is probably not heralding anything new. I’ve done these long pages before, though never quite gone to quite this extreme on the panel stew approach. I will probably do long panels with more broken out scenes more often, but haven’t really decided too much for sure.Β I’ve been drawing the other comic ideas I’m punting around in my head for a secondary comic in vertical strips (as it’d be longer once a week updates, whatever it ends up being if anything), so that’s probably a bad influence.

Plus, the chat conversation wouldn’t really have counted as a page it’s own, so it seemed like a good way to compromise.

As for the content – well, I’m glad that Miko makes their appearance (if it can be called that). Miko is not their real name.

There are few grammar bads in Miko’s typed dialogue. That is intentional.