Just a reminder, there will be no page on Monday – I’m sorry about that, but that’s what it is… I’m a long ways away from my drawing tablet right now and it’s not finished. Obviously I could have/should have split this page in a two, and I was originally going to do that, but I didn’t really like the split page… I really don’t like splitting ‘action’ pages as it makes me just try to draw smaller, ha.

For patrons, Tyler’s Story Part 1 has gone up on Patreon as some sort of pictureless webcomic, and there is an attached poll where you can tell me if you hate it 🙂

I do think Thursdays comic is still up in the air, as that’s a pretty tight schedule from when I land back home and have to get it out, but lets aim for optimism here.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to those where that applies.