Beep boop.

Since this robot is getting smarter, it realizes it can just copy the Patreon blurb from this comic so it can masquared as being @PastUtopia and no one will ever know:

“So this page comes with some disclaimers… Naomi does not speak Central, and the person in the red armor does speaks only somewhat fluent native wildlife. Most grammar errors contained on it are intentional.As it can probably be guessed, Naomi picked seems to understand some words of the language the Kor’s World is speaking, but she understands very little of, and can speak even less of it.

While I won’t go into depth on the identity of the red armor wearing person, it does seem like he does not recognize Naomi, and speaks somewhat better native wildlife than the last person wearing red armor we’ve seen, but the red armor itself is intended to look roughly the same, I just don’t use a 3d model for it, so it tends be… vary a little, especially as it’s been a long time since I’ve drawn it.”

Haha, now they will never know it’s a robot.