I have clearly pissed off some webcomic-deity. Trying to catch up and I lost about 4 hours of drawing yesterday. Drawing programs are sort of archaic in that they gobble ram furiously (so crash) and don’t have an autosave. I doesn’t happen that often, but man is annoying when it does and I’ve forgotten to save recently.


Technically still Wednesday? Friday will be technically Friday too probably at this rate. Work has been a pain, so there’s been less drawing time than I was hoping.


Ila is using the sniper rifle far out of it’s effective range, but is providing a vastly boosted shot velocity with her magic. Needless to say, the scope of the rifle has been updated for this purpose by Mium, and is in no way an optical scope, rather a computer that syncs to MYM who calculates where the shot will hit considering the aim and final shot velocity. Ila than has to accelerate the shot to precisely the accounted for speed with the aim.

As noted previously, Ila can cast six spells at once. In this case she can only use four to accelerate the projectile. These take effect after the bullet has left the gun cheating equal-and-opposite force; as the magic directly interferes with the acceleration, they are not being “kicked” forward. That said, the gun shot still would send Ila flying. The sixth spell is on the gun, to counteract the recoil by providing the opposite acceleration of the original shot. One could ask why she needs the gun at all – well, in part aiming. Ila can’t hit something more than maybe a hundred meters with her own eyesight, let alone something she can’t see. Second, the amount of change is the difficulty of magic, rather than the total end result (to a degree). Changing something going 900 m/s to going 910 m/s is not significantly harder than changing something going 10 m/s to 20 m/s (though it is somewhat), but way way easier than changing something going 10 m/s to 910 m/s. Thus she can get way better return on investment by using magic in combination with a gun than on her own. There is additionally complexities (such as momentarily suspending the weight shift while firing, which complicates the shot well beyond anything Ila could calculate on her own), but I feel I’ve gone on long enough on that front… 😛 Needless to say, it’s a complicated piece of magic largely supported by Ila’s complex and precise calculation ability and MYM’s rather ridiculous computational power.