Update: Sorry folks, I’m just going to put the comic on hiatus for a week. I will make up some comics down the road, but I think it’ll be simpler this way; got a lot of stuff to wrap up for work, and don’t really want to be juggling the extra ball. I feel if IΒ try to wrap up production on the next comic before I leave it’ll probably be a fairly weak entry, so I’ll have have to counsel patience and see ya’ in week. We’ll be back going strong Monday, July 10th!

Alright folks, bad news time. I didn’t get as much time as I hoped (though about what I expected) so there will likely only be one comic next week (assuming I finish that one before I leave). It will probably go up on Thursday next week (though it’ll be queued up before I leave). Additionally, I’ll be pretty sparse in the comments for it, and Monday’s comic on the far side of that week may be a little late. I’m travelling out of the country, and sucked at getting the buffer up in time.

That said, I try will make up the comics when I get back, and that counts the one that’s currently owed, so we’ll have a few weeks of extra updates till we get back to even. I will try to approve comments through while I’m gone (though existing commentators don’t need their comments approved) but will be mostly absent till I get back, so be nice, etc. πŸ˜›

In happier news (if for me and not for you) I got my car back, so that’s pretty great. It looks fine and seems to work about the same, so I’m pretty happy and that’s a pretty big element of crap to worry about eliminated, though there is still endless insurance papers and whatnot.