Well, I’m back in the country and that means we once again have comic updates!

The lighting from the door is admittedly a tad weird. It’s one of those things were the writer is like “it’s super dark but there is light coming from the door” and the artist was like “???”. Yup, that’s how this comic gets made… πŸ˜€

It seems our pale husk fellow can indeed talk. Sort of. What do we think he’s up to?


I think one of things that is perhaps as relevant to a comic as the art or writing is the editing (and not the can-you-grammar kind, that’s what I have you guys for after all πŸ˜‰ – but the stitching the story together kind). Probably about a third of the outline never makes it out of the cutting room floor, which I think is the first step to this, but stitching back together what’s left seamlessly I think is the part I find tricky still. As we can tell with this little blurbles I write, brevity and elegance of communication is not my default mode of operation… Makes the comic approach a very real challenge in formatting ideas that would expansive to shove into a book into speech bubbles and a few dubiously rendered pictures πŸ˜›

All this is to say, this was really not supposed to be the first time we saw this fellow, but here we are πŸ˜‰

I’ve started making minor updates the setting information; nothing particularly major, but refined some stuff, expanded some stuff, removed some stuff. How much I leave to the Setting pages as purely optional side content is another one of those editing decisions. I try not to include things that are necessary to read the comic, and conversely try not just dump entirely unrelated stuff there.

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Ah, and I updated the sketchbook with art for another fellow webcomic Vatican Assassins (which is currently on hiatus, but you can view here). ReadΒ a webcomic you think is awesomeΒ and that you think should be subjected to my drawing skills? Feel free to make a suggestion! With this one I’ve cleared out most of what I remember of my to-do list.