I think Miko’s found a new friend. They seem to be getting along splendedly. Do we know the teal-haired-hacker-girl’s-name yet? Hmm, no doesn’t look like it… alright then, THHGN? Nope, that doesn’t really work. That’s probably the most unpronounceable name I’ve ever seen. Anyway, her. Yes, she’s a lot more talkative here then usual. I reckon this has something to do with some level of stress. She also seems to be ignoring Miko’s monologging (I… yeah, no idea how to spell that one and I seem to have even gotten spellcheck lost… monologueing? Monologing?…yeah I dunno. I took Latin, that’s Greek. I think.). I would point they’ve been there apparently twenty six minutes, and judging by Miko’s appearances so far, it is hardly unusual behavior – including that it is both disjointed and makes little sense πŸ˜‰ . She’s probably gotten used to it by now.

If we aren’t careful, Miko may develop a fully realized sense of morality.Β Then who would balance out Naomi?

I always feel bad cutting back and forth like this, since we’ve left poor Ila out in the rain. At least I don’t have to draw the rain for a bit πŸ˜‰

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Head’s up; I’ll be out of the country next week. Will try to get at least one comic buffered and up by then. After I get back though, I have a long stretch of hopefully comic bountiful time in each we can make up any missed comics (currently we are at 1). I wouldn’t count on returning to 3 a week normally yet, but may try to catch back up any missed ones then.

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