There is something about a box of text on the web that causes a need to fill it with complaining about things. I believe this explains much of the phenomena behind Facebook.

Needless to say, I will likely fill this box with complaining, you’ve been warned.


Those that regularly make it through this little complains section may remember that a few weeks ago I bought a car. Two days ago someone wrecked it in a parking lot. I haven’t heard if it’s totaled or not (…currently the insurance company has lost it, but that’s a separate issue that frankly I’m still a little too vexed about the first one to be upset about yet) but what is for sure is that my shiny new car is now much less shiny and much less new. It lasted less then a month.

A short story short, someone in a souped up purple pickup apparently hit it going a good clip in a parking lot (they managed to take out three cars across five parking spaces); they were apparently deemed mentally ill by the police that arrived on the scene and were having a seizure or something. I don’t know. I wasn’t there. I have my suspicions, but I’m probably in a bit of a jump-to-conclusions mood which is why the guy whose car got smushed doesn’t get to decide these things.

All in all it’s not that bad; I wasn’t in it at the time, which is a pretty big pro when it comes to having your car smushed. It’s just money (if it’s totaled – no way they will cover the full price of a new one I reckon) and hassle, but it’s not been a great month for either of those things around here.


Flying isn’t entirely unique to Ila, but is more challenging then it may seem on the surface. We’ve seen both Kally and Naomi have little trouble jumping to a several story rooftop and landing fine. The tricky part about flying isn’t accelerating yourself in an upward direction, it’s continual course correction. A human (even a mage) isn’t going to survive a single acceleration event that could propel them long distance, which means you need to frequently calculate the magic and cast it again. This is sort of challenging when hurtling through the air as you have to hit a moving target (yourself) as a moving target (yourself) with the correct environmental variables (like your current speed and angle) with more and more Eidos based factors building up from the previous spells. Most mages can only make it several accelerations deep before before it gets too complicated to maintain in the timeframe required to not go splat.

The only other person we’ve seen definitely flying is the man in red armor from Kor’s World.

One of the easiest ways to bypass  the problem is assisting with technology; an auto-caster can help, but also something actual physics based flying assistance gives you a lot more room; it’s far easier to calculate your environmental settings while being effected by traditional physics.

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