Midweek Excuse/Update:

Head’s up; Thursday comic will be delayed. Was a rough little last week to start with due to work and personal stuff, then someone decided to wreck my new car. Fortunately for my well being I was not in said new car at the time of their jousting practice, though I suspect that speaks greater volumes of their driving ability. It was in a parking lot, and the great question remains of why they were going fast enough through a parking lot to rip off the bumper and smash up the side panel, moving the car about two parking spaces in the collision. An impressive feat considering they’d hit at least one car before mine, and likely two from the unidentified pile of broken glass a little further down.

There is going to be a long list of related comics this time… ๐Ÿ˜

In case it’s not clear wtf Naomi is doing in panel 1, she is re-ponytail-ifying her hair. It seemed like I’d just forgotten her hair was de-ponytail-ified when I sketched out the page just skipping that step, but admittedlyย it’s not super clear, especially as her ponytail generally seems to magically forgo conventional hair-ties and occasionally physics. It’s one of those things that just sort of started that way because I had no idea how to draw and seems weird to change now, but I assure you the ponytail is fact not magic and does in fact use a hair tie.

As the sudden onset of rain may indicate, weather can be a little erratic in Malsa. Previously we’ve seen that it’s been noted to be very cold at night, but rainy days are typically warmer there. A clear day during this season is typically warm enough during the day and quite cold at night, while a rainy day is typically somewhat warmer. I’m no meteorologic, but I did spend a few hours on wikipedia (which is pretty close for any profession, right? ๐Ÿ˜€ ) determining the plausibility of the weather patterns until I decided that it really didn’t matter that much… I felt I should mention it as they seem fairly unconcerned about standing the rain when the only prior mention of temperature suggested it was cold; though the way most of the locals dress I reckon would indicate it’s fairly warm during the day.

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