Someday Peter and Rovak will meet, and they will finally have someone that understands them and their love of endless monologue-ing.

In panel 6 (too many panels 😐 ) Rovak’s spell is just failing to take hold, because of Tyler’s interference and the amount of mana turbulence around a strong mage using magic.

Well, we’ve hit buffer zero already, but that’s not a big surprise as the vast majority of my drawing time is on weekends 😉 Still should have Monday’s done by Friday, so we are making some progress 🙂

Editoral note: Rovak’s magic circles here are blue. This is inconsistent with his last appearance  (though technically consistent with his first one). If I hadn’t said anything most people wouldn’t notice, but the discussion on the last comic made me realize they’d be more confusing as red. The magic circles/calculation rings were not really part of the magic system/world before I started the comic, and were only added to make magic fancier and more visually clear (the calculation part always happened, but it there wasn’t really a concept of being able to see it outside of Eidos). All magic circles will be blue henceforth. The magic circles / calculation rings tend to be in constant flux 😐

The reason I made his red originally was because casts them so far away I wanted an easy way to visually read that they were his (like here there is no way of know that it’s Tyler’s in Panel 5, and most people will probably assume it is!). But I decided to go with better world-consistency and figure out a better way for that.

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