Did you know for the first year my average panel count was around 5 panels a page? 😐

This page has too many panels, both in the sense of drawing it and the sense of ideal reading. To be honest there was editorial decisions that were not entirely thought out πŸ˜› The next page technically has 11 panels, but is much more reasonable… 😐

I waffled a bit of we were going to see Rovak’s thought bubbles here. I knew that eventually we’d see him as a PoV (point of view) character, but wasn’t sure if it’d be here or not till I was thumbnailing the page. Not that it matters too much, as I’m fairly certain I’m the only person that worries about the difference between a PoV character and a not PoV character. On plotting out the page I decided he’d work best as the narrator of wtf was going on, and we’d get a (tiny) peek into Rovak’s weird little ticker πŸ˜‰

Just because I think it may need clarification, yes, there are two of the Orish soldiers here 😐

Thursday’s page will go up on Patreon tomorrow afternoon; this means that last week was buffer neutral as that’s when last weeks Thursday page was finished. That’s not as a bad as it sounds: I lost about half a sketch to a tiny power outage, above editoral decisions caused me to draw the full sketch of a future page before drawing this one (I was planning on cutting away after the last page, decided to stay on this scene), and this page was an abominable monster in terms of plotting out, shoving onto a page, and then drawing. I’m fairly certain there are over 20 panels, but I can’t count that how, so idk.

Maybe the last few panels will be a hint as to why the Orish soldiers have swords, but I don’t think I’m ready to launch into a full explanation of them yet πŸ˜‰