Well. That’s sort of the harder way to dispel an ethereal construct. Eidos constructs are a sort of magic cheat – magic typically is difficult to keep active when it actively defies reality, but when you make an Eidos construct it’s sort of like a semi-stable sub-loop that’s consistent with a handful of reality’s physics engine,Β but not all of it. While it still vanishes without the mage sustaining it, it’s a lot easier to maintain and control then something that completely defies reality. This means that they interact with both physical objects and eachother. It also means that when they get smashed too out of form, they collapse. We say with Kally’s that they can sustain certain damage (like bullets punching holes in them) to a certain extent. They can not usually survive being reformatted into a pancake.

Tyler’s defense here was not really the subtle approach. In truth, dealing with constructs tends to be one of his weaknesses, since he’s not all that good at making the animated ones, you can’t really freeze them, and they are fairly hard to actually destroy. The advantage, though, is that he doesn’t really have to worry about using lethal force against them.

In other news the next page will go up on Patreon tomorrow at the appropriate tier, meaning we are back to the exciting land of buffered comics. Coming soon I’ll keep a ‘buffer counter’ on the side bar somewhere or something. I’m going to stay at two updates a week for now anyway, once the buffer gets to a week or two we’ll see. I did start on the new pass of little chibi’s for the sidebars as well, but was discontent with the first round so more drawing will be required there.

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Ah, and I’ve redrawn another page. Not a big deal and the new one isn’t exactly a masterpiece, but I’m sort of attached to the last panel in the original one (as bad as it was πŸ˜› );Β while a lot changed since the very early drafts of the story (most notable we’ve started way later in the story then I originally planned), that panel was always pretty much the ‘character image’ for Mium. And one of the reasons for skipping way forward from the original starting point was so we had Mium at the start. He was one of the first characters, but was originally not slated to appear* for what I now know would have been years in comic writing time πŸ˜€

*explaining more there would still be spoilers πŸ˜›