Arron seems a little wrapped around the axle on the hole in the wall thing.

Unfortunately for Kally, Mium speaks cryptic observations, snarkery, and exposition quite fluently. Maybe it was just karma catching up with her for answering her phone at the table 😐

Making decent progress on actually getting back to a buffer. This is a good, I’ll be going on vacation in both in November and January. I currently anticipate the November one being fully buffered, the January one may or may not be entirely covered based on how much time I get between now than (since it is two weeks). Either way, I think we are getting to some interesting times, so will do what I can not to drop any updates.

The next vote incentive is up! I don’t know what looks weirder, the costume or that Miko’s hair is actually neat.

Have I missed anyone’s? I think I’ve gotten all the ones left in comments, if I’ve missed yours let me know! If you missed any, you can flip through the free section of Patreon, as I’ve put them all up there.

There is a new poll up at the bottom of the page. It’s purely a questionnaire about what the readers feel like could use improvement in the art. This isn’t me complaining about the art (necessarily), but rather just looking for feedback. I know that many of you are very kind individuals, but that’s why it’s worth seeking your feedback rather thanΒ just the fellows who are more likely to share their opinions πŸ˜‰