Well, I reckon the ground got the worst of her attempt at flying anyway.

It’s been mentioned before that humans (particularly other mages) interfere with magic to varying degrees. Naomi is essentially using mana-based sonar based on this principle. This is the sort of thing that most other mages would view as some combination of clever, stupid, and impossible, so… basically Naomi classic. We’ve seen before that she can intentionally project her mana to some degree; she used a vastly more concentrated form projecting a huge amount of mana into ball to break Kally’s ethereal wall during the airballΒ match.

Whose this fellow? What’s his deal? Why was Naomi having trouble finding him standing right there? Ah… well. That’s a long story. It was once it’s own story it’s such a long story…

Man, this chapter will hit a lot of things that I sort of expected we’d get to way less than almost 3 years into the story. Maybe I’ll just make the first button point at the start of this chapter and save myself from having to redraw the archive… πŸ˜›

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