I have a suspicion I have horribly offended the rules of grammar in the second bubble of the second panel. I dunno. It makes sense to me. Of course, that’s usually a sure sign that it is very wrong.

Do I think I have overplayed the whole “hear one side of the conversation”? Probably. Am I going to stop? Probably not. Well. This’ll be the last time for- oh wait. Nope. Yeah. Sorry about that it will totally happen again. Originally I planned to show both sides of the conversation for almost all of these, but that means I have either to jump-cut across more of the conversations or spend more pages on it, and I am trying to bring the passage of stuff per page slightly higher than it was last chapter. Adapting the story as I think of it to a comic can be tricky, but there is the danger of getting too bogged down in what every character is doing all the time and skipping so much it starts to look like it’s losing threads.

Speaking of which I’m getting close to a scene that I’ve really wanted to write for a long time around the middle of this chapter.

The art is a little hit or miss on this page, but in my defense I have no idea why the artist thought he should draw things like a top down shot of people. I don’t think I’ve ever really even tried to draw that. Hell if I know what people look like from the top down. This artist man, this artist. 😐

I hope no one missed the Ballgown Magnolia vote incentive – that one wasn’t bad (even if I am not 100% confident I know what a ballgown is). Currently up is (or up very shortly if you’re on the ball reading this…) is the next vote incentive, Naomi as Supergirl (costume) and Kally as Raven (costume), both from DC comics. Feel free to continue tossing suggestions in the ring, and I’ll put links up to all of them on Halloween, and they are all uploaded on the Patreon under the free stuff if you missed any.