So this is sort of an abrupt transition to the next day and chapter, as I didn’t do an interlude or intermission, but decided to not sidetrack on the pacing even more than I already I do, there’s a nearly indefinite number of characters we could follow with those, and most of that could have been covered will be self evident in time (like who the special guest is… it is technically a character that’s been seen before, but not one that has been particularly introduced, so guessing wouldn’t be that productive… though I imagine some people might).

Arkady volunteered help fight in the in the conflict on the border, as we may recall, but pretty much immediately got wounded is now on leave to recover. While he more or less seems recovered, he’s still not quite, but I suspect that other factors may be involved as well, given he went there and immediately almost got killed. While he’s fairly talented as a mage, he’s technically a student, a fairly important person, and not an especially skilled commander or combatant.

As it’s been awhile, the green haired girl is Lisa, and is one of Naomi and Arkady’s friend. She appeared last time they went shopping, and a few times since. Mione isn’t here as like Arkady she is helping the military, as she has actually useful skills, but unlike him she didn’t immediately get sent back to a hospital. We may catch up with her eventually, she’s trying been trying to get assigned to help Tyler, particularly since the thing with Marc, but no one was quite sure how long he’d be out during that.

Pretty sure Naomi still thinks that napping is how you recover hit points, but while Artem and Arkady aren’t quite in the same league, they do seem to heal somewhat faster than one might expect.

We are going to split back and forth for awhile here in this chapter probably, as it runs a few things in parallel.

If Peter’s hair looks weird, it’s because it’s supposed to be wet. It’ll go back to being more like his hair normally is at some point.