Sorry about the missed comic last week. I don’t for see any more missed comics in the immediate future, but the future is ever opaque.

My other project (the D&D book thing) is almost done (from my my side, printing and shipping and things will be a whole thing) but it’s in editing now, and I’m going to guess you folks of all people have some appreciation for how much that might involve when talking about editing 320 page of fairly dense text written by me. Needless to say, it’s taking awhile to de-me-ify all the grammar and add in all the words that I apparently didn’t think were needed to various sentences, and de-run-on-ify most sentences in the book because people don’t seem to thing that “…” and “,” and “;” and “β€”” can punctuate everything. People love their “.” but suddenly you put three of them together like “…” and they are fussy about its punctuation properties.

Anyway, not going to promise anything crazy like restoring the buffer or new side content yet, but hopefully that particularly task is going to wrap up in the next week or two, and I’ll find something new to suck up all my time I’ll have more free time to work on the comic.