Tyler’s side effects were considerably worse than Amy’s, though there’s more than reason for that – as it’s rather complicated I figured it was a little too much tackle in depth. The magic he just used was well beyond the typical use of Eidos Key’s ability to complete magic, combined with his own lack of understanding resulted in significant strain; combined with being snapped back into reality after starting to process fragments of Eidos data, and the wear and tear that starting to process Eidos data was already eroding his senses. While it’s likely he would have been able to survive considerably longer than Amy there, her lack of adaption to that realm (being a far less talented mage) in this case drastically reduces any side effects she experienced, though it’d still be a little rough.

The magic Tyler uses to destroy the autocaster is fairly similar to what Mione uses (as that’s likely where he got the magic), though more thorough and less combat oriented (Tyler would struggle to use this as range with the same proficiency Mione does). Mione could break something down further than she usually does, it’s just that when she’s using it disarm guns and things, and really only matters that they fall into a couple pieces, where as Tyler rendered this thing down to basically dust – as he says, thoroughly following the spirit of his agreement, while being unsure why Mium wanted him to destroy it or what needed to be destroyed, he just opted to obliterate it. Though similar in a way to what Mium does in effect, it’s fairly different in how they get to there (and Mium’s tends to be even more thorough)… Mium’s, as we can guess by import of it being Mium, is not strictly speaking magic in the same way as what Tyler just did.