So I figure I should note that Atter is intentionally not talking in his preferred -(language)- ; I decided that explaining that in the page was simply not worth the panel space. He did briefly on the last page, but Peter does not actually speaking -(language)- very well, and Atter is nothing if not chatty. It wouldn’t be the same if people couldn’t understand him as he elaborates on his plans.

There is past reference with Mium’s idea of risk reduction. At some point Naomi mentions Mium isn’t allowed to future proof his plans by killing people, because, when Mium stops to think about it too much, it turns out the plans work way better with less moving parts. As Atter illustrates, though, once you kill someone, geez, it just never ends. Humans.

I suppose I should note that our dear Director Sophie is a good bit older than she looks. It’s the sort of thing I’d put on the character page if I ever go my lazy arse around to finishing it. Though not why. I’ll leave that one up for speculation. She is a human, if that helps. I am also starting to get the feeling her minions are unhappy with her. Tokiwa because it will be bureaucratically improper to not file the mass murdering permits before loosing a mass murder, Grumpy-Red-Haired-Lady-Who-I-Don’t-Think-We’ve-Seen-The-Name of because she doesn’t think it will work out well, David…well… maybe not David, he seemed like sort of a tool, and Rick because, well, he seems to have some degree of morality. Or at least likes his old boss better than his new one.

For the better or the worse, I don’t think Sophie views it as a democracy… 😐