A comic!

So, this is the first comic drawn on the new computer… there is still some set up to do, and somethings may look odd. Not quite fully set up so some improvised step. But it is way better. Crashed zero times during the drawing, and export it was down from the computer locking up for am awhile to a few seconds. Everything is working much better. But man was it hassle to get this set up… lot of things needed to end up being replaced, and, of course, migrating computers is a hassle of lost fonts and file transfers that’s still in progress.

Plus, in the process of reinstalling, I had to update all the version updates I’d been avoiding. All my drawing programs are different have changed stuff and moved stuff now. And as we all know, new and different is always worse. But I am figuring it out it.

These next few weeks are still going to be quite busy, but I currently think we’ll get comics for the month. I’d like to say I’ll be drawing more again with the new computer since it works so much better for it, but not sure I can promise that this month yet.

By the way; someone reported they encountered a redirect on my website (like the spammy ad kind); if you’ve encountered anything of the sort, please drop my an email. If that’s a more widespread issue with my site, I’d like to know and I’ll go talk to the web host security folks again. I have not been able to reproduce it though.