So… I think I have good news? The redirect issue should be fixed. Let me know if you still encounter it. I was never able to reproduce it myself, so I cannot confirm, but let me know if you’re still seeing as it should be fixed. Thank you to everyone that helped debug it, and let me know if you still see (or in the future) see that sort of thing. There shouldn’t be ads or redirects or anything like that on the site – if you see them, either you or the site has some sort of malware/adware, so it’s always good to try to figure out.

I try not to talk about the art too much anymore… but this page is admittedly a little rough; might have taken an extra day to try to draw this, but going to be travelling tomorrow and didn’t want to delay till Tuesday.

I will say things like editing are so much better on the new computer – the effects steps of this comic went like… twice as fast as I’d usually expect. That said, some of them aren’t perfect, as I’m still in the process of remaking/reload brushes and settings and things that I got used, and of course am working with a brand new version of CSP and Photoshop both… and we all different and new is bad.