I know that the wiki does not seem be working. I’m not sure why. At a glance, nothing seems wrong with it, so it may just be the webhost being weird. If it doesn’t fix itself in a bit I’ll try to poke around.

UPDATE EDIT: The wiki is fixed. Some poking was required.

EDIT 2: Seems to be broken again. Unfortunately it may stay broken for a bit; fiddling with the media wiki install seems like a bigger problem than I have time to try to figure out. Not really sure why everything seems to be breaking; I’m guessing there was some php update in the backend that ended up breaking the various old tech the site used (comments, the wiki, etc). Trying to figure out new versions of these will be a future project I guess.

EDIT 3: After more poking, it’s working again, but I’m honestly not entirely convinced it won’t break again, as I didn’t fully update it, I just fiddled with the busted file, and I’m not entirely clear on why the busted file was busted. It probably needs to be updated/reinstalled at some point, but that sounds like a chore and half.

EDIT 4: Nope, the wiki is completely broken again. No idea. I can only guess some update to some backend thing made the version it’s on obsolete or something. I will try to fix it at some point in the future. It seems like it can be temporarily fixed by poking around, but just breaks after a few hours for no obvious reason (it says the skin stylesheet is unreadable, but that’s sort of obviously not the root of the issue by the fact that it works for a bit everytime I poke around; I’m guessing something it’s trying to cache or something doesn’t work, but honestly have no idea). Best I can tell the only potential fix for it is to update mediawiki (the backend of it which has clearly broken), but after trying to do that for a bit, that seems like a bigger project than I currently have time for.

EDIT 5: And the next comic will be delayed. Aimming to catch back up next week rather than keep delaying day at a time.