Saldur is a fairly dangerous enemy, but was heavily disadvantaged with Mium there, to the point where it’s not really much of a fight. As was alluded to with Sophie, a null caster is sort of the worst case scenario in what would otherwise by a construct based fight, and Mium’s ability exceeds the IDS Nullcaster’s (and Saldur’s wouldn’t be up to Sophie’s level for that matter). The best tactic to defend against that is to keep a particularly good booster around, but Daelia was tied up and taken out by Ila.

This page is probably a little confusing, but we’ve seen before characters that don’t die when killed very well. Saldur is not the same as Atter, but there’s a similar thread in both cases. It was implied by Ashvalt way back here that he was under the impression he’d killed Saldur before, it just didn’t stick. That said, that event left a bit more room for ambiguity (to Ashvalt and the other families) and they just assumed Saldur was less fatally wounded than it had seemed. Only Saraine of the other Family heads we’ve seen would know in depth about Saldur’s various secrets, but Elliana knows much more about “spirits” than most of them, having been taught by Tefzarin, and being somewhat more perceptive than he’d realized, and has recently come across a very well informed “cousin” who is as helpful as suits his needs when it comes to unraveling certain mysteries.

This is sort of the basis of Saldur’s confidence, but in particular, that he tends to be a bit underhanded, and people tend to let the guard down somewhat when they think they’ve killed you.

I’ve also noted that Eliana’s inconsistent speaking pattern is mostly a difference in how I render it. She always speaks. In a somewhat halting manner. Though. Sometimes more so. Than others. That said. The difference is not nearly. As big as I tend to render the difference. By just not including it. Sometimes. I think I will more consistently render it. Though. As otherwise. It is too confusing. That said. I’ve said that before. And didn’t. So I end up. Making this note. Each time. I just. Go back and forth. About how annoying. It is. To render it. This way.