So here’s the plan; since this is up so late, I’m going to delay the next comic to Wednesday to space them out, and than back to Monday’s like normal for a bit; the next comic should be up on Sunday to patreon.

The delay came from that I’d originally planned to truncate this scene so we’d only see the tailend of it, but I decided to expand it somewhat, because I think knowing more about who these people are (via their bickering, I suppose) may matter somewhat; I reread a good bit of the comic and my notes while traveling, and realized how little we have seen the Family powers so far.

It’s late and I’m pretty wiped out from the week, so I’ll spare you the ranting and complaining. Suffice to say that returning to work after traveling did… go smoothly. Dung heaps on fire. Everywhere. I’ll reconsider my employment options at the end of February.

Appreciate the patience, and sorry for the delays. Over the next day or so, I’ll fix any issues with this page and the issues I haven’t yet fixed from the last page or two, and the next page will be up on Patreon sunday, hopefully to catch w/e errors I make before it goes live here 😛