It’s not that Mium wanted to step on him. He was just in the way of Mium’s foot, you see.

Eliana isn’t quite correct, though not entirely incorrect. Red constructs cannot be concealed to Eidos, as they are “too real”. Even Kally cannot hide dragon in Eidos directly, she has to write it directly into reality, though how quickly she can summon it is generally unnatural for a complicated red construct like that. Even for people that can conceal other kinds of constructs (Malsan’s tend to call constructs spirits… if there’s a different between the two… I cannot answer that here…) cannot conceal red constructs though. Eliana was likely only taught to summon red constructs (generally massive ones somewhat beyond her power) somewhat on purpose – a weapon that is most effective on external foes in large battlefields. But the art of manipulating spirits in Eidos is something mostly master by Saldur’s family, though there are other people that can do it.

However, I just said red constructs cannot be hidden in Eidos, but Eliana hide this one… that has something to do with the thing she’s holding. Eliana takes awhile to summon a spirit like this one, but this one was already summoned, and why Mium was ensuring she didn’t use her power until now to keep it hidden.

More about what they are doing and what that spirit is will become clear next page though, so I won’t talk about it too much here… They have a reason for wanting to limit the amount of time Saldur and his keen eyes can study the spirit.